Sunday, June 10, 2007

Speech in memory of Ashley Joy Sim

This is the speech which David delivered as we bade farewell to our baby Ashley.

In memory of our Princess Ashley

This is a day my wife and I wished we hadn’t woken up to.

First of all, Angie and I want to thank all of you for taking time to attend our baby Ashley’s memorial.

Ashley was a very special baby right from the start. She and Joash were conceived as twins in December and both of them gave us much joy and anticipation throughout the pregnancy. We specially chose the name Ashley so that her name will carry part of her twin brother’s as well.

Ashley was also very well-loved and that can be seen through the number of people who constantly prayed for her and from those of you who are present here today. She was a very blessed and tenacious little girl. Even after her brother Joash was delivered stillborn 7 weeks ago, Ashley hung on with Mummy, fighting away nasty infections and enduring many probes, scans and intravenous medications.

The 7 additional weeks we had with Ashley turned out to be most intimate and treasured. I started feeling her kicks and fetal movements when I placed my palm on Angie’s belly around 2 weeks ago. As eager parents, we would look forward to the twice daily ‘doppler’ sessions where she’ll say ‘hi’ to us with her strong galloping heartbeat. Those were the most pleasant and reassuring sounds to our ears for we know that she’s still ok.

Normally when we lose our loved ones, we are grieved because we miss the companionship and shared memories we’ve had in the past but when you lose a baby, you lose along with it a large part of your future – the future of seeing your baby grow up, taking her 1st step, giving you her 1st hug and uttering her 1st words of ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy. All your aspirations, your hopes, your dreams for your baby die along with her passing. Sometimes God nudges us to obey His will , here he thrusts it upon us.

However in life, there are many things about tomorrow we don’t seem to understand but we know who holds tomorrow and we know who holds our hands.

So today we bid our fond farewell to our beloved daughter with an extremely heavy heart. We know she is at a place that is better by far so we release her back to her Creator who has formed her wonderfully.

Please join us now to quietly sing a special song dedicated by us to Ashley even as she was with us. (Song: I was made to praise You) . Next is a song I used to sing to her as her lullaby. Join us now to sing quietly as we invite you to say your prayers for our Ashley and bid your farewell by presenting her with a cream coloured gerbera specially chosen for her by Angie. (Song: Pokarekare Ana)