Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Her life in the ICU

Our Angel Ashley Joy

Many of you know that we've lost our firstborn Nathaniel on 10th October 2004. Then we've lost Joash, our 2nd son on 21 April 2007. This blog is specially created to honour and remember our 1st liveborn daughter - Ashley Joy Sim who lived a short 36 hours on this earth before she too joined her 2 brothers as Angels of the Lord...

As the pain is still very raw, David and I would let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ashley was born on a beautiful Sunday (just like her 2 brothers) on 3 June 2007. As a premature 24weeker, she was immediately wheeled into the NICU (Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit) at the KK Women's and Children's Hospital after she was delivered via emergency C-section...As I was running a high fever from post-surgery infection after delivery, I wasn't able to go down to the NICU to visit Ashley on the 1st day but her daddy, David did. Each time he went, Ashley would recognise his voice and actually respond better to the many life-support machines that were hooked up to her. On the 2nd day, when my fever subsided a little, David quickly wheeled me down to take a look at our Princess as the Neo-natologist had detected that Ashley's having slight bleeding in her brain and lungs are scarred by the high-frequency ventilator used to help her breathe.

In the brief 30 minutes we were there, her oxygen respiration rate improved and she opened her eyes to gaze at us...She obvious could recognise her daddy's voice for he used to sing her lullabys and talk to her each night. And when she heard mummy's voice, she frowned as if to tell us she was in pain. We left at around 5.30pm. After that, things took a downward turn. By 8.30pm, we received an urgent call from the NICU that Ashley's situation is very critical...Blood was pooling up in her brain and she was having a Grade 4 bleed. While they were trying to give her a blood transfusion to stop the blood haemorrage, her heartrate dropped rapidly and even stopped several times. No amount of resuscitation would revive her...By the time David was allowed back into the NICU, Ashley was already gone...Her brief struggle with all the tubes has finally ended.

Our daughter Ashley Joy Sim is now safe and sound in the mighty arms of God...Born 3 June 2007. Called to Heaven 4 June 2007. Forever loved and fondly missed by Daddy, Mummy, Grandmas and many uncles and aunties who have supported us throughout our pregnancy and loss...